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Information for the Participants in Nippon2007 from Abroad

月曜日, 8月 27th, 2007

The “Timely Times” at Nippon2007

Edited and published by Jikan-Shinbun-sha (Timely Times Co.)

I. What is “Jikan-Shinbun” (The “Timely Times”)?

The “Timely Times” is one-page-newspaper issued by participants of the annual Japan SF Convention independently of the organizing committee (In distinction from the newsletter officially issued by the organizing committee, we refer to our newsletter as “newspaper.”) It was inaugurated at Daicon III, which was held in Osaka in 1981.
The motivation behind the birth of the “Timely Times” was the desire to solve some of the problems that have faced convention participants trying to get programming information and led to questions such as:

“I hear a session which is not referred to in the formal time table is going to start/has started. I want the detailed information of that.”
“I wonder sessions with what feature are taking place now, and where.”

After a great deal of thought, we finally decided to develop a system for disseminating that kind of information! Since that time, we have been operating independently of the organizing committee and issuing a newspaper through this year, 2007.
And we have been operating so long that the “Timely Times” is now recognized by organizers and participants alike as a regular feature of every annual Japan SF Convention.

“During the convention, many sessions are held at the same time; I have only one body, but I don’t want to miss anything.” Haven’t you felt this way before? The “Timely Times” solves this dilemma.

“The session I joined was very interesting. I want to share it with the others.”
The “Timely Times” realizes this kind of desire.

“I’m planning to hold a program unlisted on the time table. But I have no ways to inform of it to the convention participants.”
“I intend to have a private party tonight. I wonder how I can gather the attendance?”
“Here I am! If some friend I met at other conventions is here in this hall, say hello to me.”
The “Timely Times” solves these problems.

The “Timely Times” is a newspaper updating the status of sessions and events at the annual Japan SF Convention, including the movement of Convention participants between accommodations each night; what sessions or room parties independent of the organizing committee will be held or is being held or was held. (We sometimes include
information about accommodations near the convention site, so pay attention if you don’t have reservations yet!)
Our goal is to report the latest sudden program changes, record noteworthy incidents, and provide participants with a forum for communication with each other.

Until last year, sad to say, our newspaper was issued only in Japanese. But this year, we may issue an occasional English version or English edition or bilingual edition.

II. The “Timely Times” is generally issued on at least an hourly basis and distributed free of charge to convention participants.

It is basically distributed at the almost whole area of the convention hall and some hotels by our staff with instructions not to distribute it in

  1. rooms where sessions are being held
  2. places which can be dangerous sometimes, such as stairs, escalators, entrances of session rooms or where many people crowd,
  3. bedrooms (however, if someone holds a secret party in their bedroom, our staff may also visit there secretly :-)).

Our issuing capacity is not infinite, so it is impossible to distribute it to all convention participants. It is issued unannounced and distributed unannounced; that is the “Timely Times.”
We will post back issues of the “Timely Times” on the walls in designated locations. To read previously published information, please go to those locations.

III. We will be pleased to receive articles or illustrations contributed by convention participants.

If you want to submit materials for publication, please visit the “Timely Times” reception counter. But please note that we may not be able to post all submissions.
Contribution forms can be found at the “Timely Times” counter.
When using your own paper for articles or illustrations, please use 9cm x 6cm (3.5” x 2.4”) paper. And please use only black ink.

IV. Copyrights

  1. The issued “Timely Times” will be presented on this official web-site of Jikan-Shinbun-sha.
  2. Bound books of the “Timely Times” can be issued by Jikan-Shinbun-sha.
  3. The articles which appeared on the “Timely Times” are allowed to be cited on other fanzines, commercial magazines or books within the limit that Japanese laws admit.
  4. The issued “Timely Times” are allowed to be copied free of royalty after acknowledgement in writing or e-mail by Jikan-Shinbun-sha.
  5. The persons who posted the articles are allowed to copy or publish their own articles without Jikan-Shinbun-sha’s acknowledgement. But we request them to mention, in those publications, that those articles appeared in the “Timely Times” and to inform us, ex post facto, that those articles have been used for so-and-so publications.
Cooperated in translation by Mr. Misaki, Ms. Dohi